Bassless is an a capella group based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The group exists since April 2013 and performs covers of a wide spectrum of genres: pop, rock, disco, dance, funk, jazz, blues, and their own music. Their distinctive musical expression, that many times includes interesting fractions of popular and rythmic techno music, is often spiced up with elements of melancholic jazz and thus also pleases the more sharpened ears of musical gourmets . They re-arrange the chosen songs in their non-classic way, however, sometimes they surprise with a classic a capella arrangement. The versatility of their repertoire thus offers a choice of a musical background for a student party or a wedding reception. Their stage performance is based on organic body movement on which they build complex choreographic segments that additionally strengthen their stage presence. They make sure the audience experiences the right amount of technical perfection, professionalism and relaxed humour, through which shine their individual personalities and charisma. They are the breath of fresh wind that airs the music scene and makes it funky and modern, which is also one of the main goals of this »crazy« group.


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Tel: +386 31 262 795

Email: info@bassless.si

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VocalBassless

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